The History of Neosino

Gerhard Möser

Founder Neosino

How it all began
Micronised silicium was discovered in the 90‘s for the very first time

A stroke of fate helped Neosino with the breakthrough

The Neosino products came into being after a severe stroke of fate of Gerhard Möser, whose son, Sven, met with an accident in Spain at the age of 22 and fell into a coma. As the father, Gerhard Möser despaired at the poor healing of his son‘s wounds and the exposed wounded spots, which were being treated by the doctors with high doses of cortisone without any visible signs of success. While looking out for alternatives, Gerhard Möser coincidentally stumbled upon Neosino, a product containing micronised silicium. It was expected to assist in healing the wounds and was used in consultation with the doctors. To the utter astonishment of the doctors, his condition improved very rapidly, wounds on his skin healed and, in fact, the scars started fading away.

Unfortunately, Sven never came out of the coma despite all efforts and passed away.

With conviction and love to success

It was only after Mr. Möser drew his attention to the technology together with researchers after the stroke of fate in the year 2004 that the invention of Neosino became a successful range of skin care products. The break-through was made in Austria with a few beauticians who were the first to get convinced of its properties and effect.

Today, Neosino has grown to a range of highquality products with the help of comprehensive research efforts and several studies, and has become indispensable as far as cosmetics are concerned.

Many users are convinced of the effect of the natural constituents and would no longer like to miss out on Neosino products, such as the Face Lift serum or the intense face cream that are prepared without the use of preservatives.

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